Evolver is a Business Development consultancy with focus on Business Innovation Management and Product Development consulting. We help our clients grow their business by innovation, development of leading-edge products and services, and more effective market plans.

Evolver also provides project management and development resources to develop prototypes of products and services, proof of concept and sub-system or complete project development.

We have a strong network of innovative thought leaders across the world and can select experts from our network and brain trust database. Evolver cooperates with other specialized consultancy and development companies to deliver on large projects and developments.

The fast change in technology, shifts in industry borders and globalization, have all created opportunities for innovative companies to develop new business models. New product inventions and business model innovation can create huge opportunities when the market changes to embrace new products and business models. Such innovations can make the fortunes of some companies and threaten the market positions of others.

Evolver is your partner in Changing the Game!

Business growth and increased profits
Evolver makes innovation and development happen. We accelerate idea framing, prototyping and development to achieve faster TTM (time-to-market). Our focus on market analysis and business evaluations drives towards leading edge products and market strategies that increase profits and grow your business.