Kjeld Lercke, CEO and Executive Partner, is leading projects and client programs – making sure Evolver performs at the highest level. Kjeld holds a specialist role within our Business and Innovation Services and has outstanding skills within business development, innovation and product development.

His ability to understand technology, consumer needs, market trends and sales at an in-depth level are used to deliver results by translating this knowledge into high quality products, services, and market plans. Kjeld is building and managing lean and strong teams together with our clients to drive overall performance with an analytical, results-oriented and accountable approach. Kjeld accelerates the development of leading-edge products and services and shortens Time to Market.

Enjoys family life, good wine and food, humor and a good laugh, ice hockey, as well as new technologies, innovations and the challenges for our global future.

Michael Mathiesen, Executive Partner, is responsible for our client programs within top-level Business Development and Market Strategy. His main focus is international partnerships / alliances and to structure organizations like “Seals Team Six”. Michael has more than 29 years of experience in international business and knows business from both the investors’ and entrepreneurs’ perspective.

Michael has a very strong international network that is truly global and reaches into all continents. He has been involved in more than 260 international investments in Europe, US, Russia, UAE, Taiwan, China and West Africa. He has made 9 IPO´s and more than 25 trade sales. Our clients truly benefit from his heavy weight skills in these areas. Michael is a non-executive member of several international Boards of Directors, Advisory boards, and strategic advisor for several heads of state!
Enjoys life with his 4 kids and international politics, entrepreneurship, privatizing/PPP, skiing, ice hockey and marathon.

Jesper Storm-Frandsen, development manager and senior mobile systems developer, is responsible for System Design and Mobile Development. Jesper has more than 14 years of experience with service oriented architectures and has been system architect and developer on mobile app development for Android and iOS since 2010. This combination works as the backbone for nearly all of today’s enterprise apps.

Jesper uses Microsoft .Net – C#, Android – Java and iOS – Objective-C / Swift for the development of mobile systems, and has a BSc in computer science. Enjoys spending time with his family and is always on the lookout for the latest mobile development trends.

Emil Frilund Andersen, user experience lead and mobile developer, has a high level of expertise in making user interfaces that are visually appealing and intuitive. With a BSc in IT and economics and a MSc in Digital Media Engineering, Emil is also well-versed in every task that goes into making a system, from writing the code to managing a project and developing a business model.

Emil primarily uses Sketch when creating UX and UI designs, Swift for iOS development, and Java for Android development.

Enjoys listening to and producing electronic music, hence you will often find Emil, both at the office and at home, focused in front of the computer wearing a set of high quality headphones.

Michaela Klitte, mobile application and system developer, holds a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science and an MSc in Mathematics. The area where mathematics and computer science meets has long been a great interest to her and it’s the passion that drives her work.

Michaela works with Microsoft ASP.NET – C# and Android – Java to develop systems and apps.
She likes to stay active with both body and mind, playing boardgames or training Muay Tai in a local club. Otherwise she socializes with family and friends.

Erwin Dan Nielsen is a system architect, database designer, senior developer and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in developing systems. Erwin is responsible for System Design and Development. He is an expert in the design and development of robust System architectures and Database designs to provide stable and high performance scalable systems. Erwin is also a specialist in server oriented programming, backend systems, mathematical and statistical models.

Erwin primarily uses Microsoft / C # or Java for the development of systems, and has a master’s degree in mathematics and computer science. Enjoys family, long walks and challenging projects.