Tomorrow is a dilemma and a significant challenge for the management in all companies. Because no matter what success they enjoy today, there is always the demand to be even better and more profitable tomorrow. This is why both the management and the operations of a company must constantly be prepared and positioned for development and change.

An important part of a company’s change management is through innovation and business development. In some companies, these processes are naturally integrated, sometimes to the extent that they are a part of the corporate culture. But most companies are not quite so fortunate.

Speed up your innovation process

One common situation is that the management has identified a need for innovation, but because of the uncertainty about timing, costs and the actual outcome, decisions are postponed. Another is where the company drives innovation projects without effective management or clear forward thinking, so support from management starts to decline.

This is where Evolver comes in. We are a consulting company for companies that need support for their innovation and business development activities. Our staff has extensive experience in innovation and development from both small domestic companies and large international corporations. Our mission is to help companies move quickly from needing innovation to actually creating innovation. And our goal is to be the partner that is the fastest and most effective in developing a quality product/service, that is, offer the shortest TTP/TTM (time-to-product/time-to-market). We can be involved in the big picture or take responsibility for just a part of the process.

Openness to the unexpected

Many consulting companies that focus on innovation see in-depth analysis and comprehensive reports as their most important deliverables. Our view is that this work seldom results in better or more reliable innovation. On the contrary, it often drains energy and finances from the project.

Our approach is to minimize administration and maximize outcome in terms of innovation and prototypes. We have a great openness to the unexpected, which we for example find in the category: Changing the Game.

Thanks to our action-focused approach, investments become less extensive in terms of finances and time. As a result, it is simply easier to make investment decisions.

Let Evolver help you achieve tomorrow’s goals!

Innovation increases profits
Through our process for business innovation management we focus on different types of key business parameters such as revenue growth, cost efficiency, international markets, channel strategy, product positioning, business model innovation, development of product and services. Everything with one aim in mind – increased short and long term profits.