Know How

Evolver is a very international and experienced organisation of Partners and specialists that works in close cooperation with clients to develop and grow their business.

Our Partners work with clients to build on their expertise and market knowledge to identify new opportunities with clear directions for moving ahead. When companies need to optimize their business, be more innovative, position the next generation products, develop leading-edge products, make smarter market plans and new business strategies or rethink long term strategies we can provide unique knowledge, competence and experience to meet your challenges.

Evolver evaluates each project with our clients to agree on the basis for a strong commitment and successful cooperation with clear objectives. We want to participate and develop your business only in situations where our expertise can make a difference.

Our areas of expertise and core competences are


  • Changing the game…
  • New Innovative Business Models
  • Enhance our clients Innovative DNA
  • Strong and innovative teams to create new ideas
  • Explore new ideas and shorter time to market
  • Leading edge products and services to both B2B and B2C markets
  • Smarter Sales and Marketing plans
  • Develop and market innovative and revolutionary products and services


  • Business and Market Strategies
  • Product strategy and Road maps
  • Channel strategy
  • Globalization
  • Interim Management
  • Partipate in advisory boards
  • Services related to Due dilligence and investments
  • Sparring partner in IPO and Trade Sales


  • Define objectives and goals
  • Market and Technology evaluations
  • Idea framing and business evaluation
  • Prototype new innovations and technologies
  • Fast developments to shorten Time to Market
  • Identify inventions and prepare patent applications


  • Product development of sub-systems or turnkey products and systems
  • Development of new technologies that integrate with existing products
  • Accelerate development to shorten TTM (time-to-market)
  • Project management using Waterfall and Scrum models
  • Agile software development using Scrum
  • System Architecture and designs for IT systems and Mobile products
  • Integrate systems using SOA and similar methods
  • Primary programming languages: Microsoft .Net/C#, Java, C, C++
  • Mobile Apps native development for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone
  • Database design and implementation
  • GIS Systems using GeoServer, MapServer and WMS/WFS/WMTS services
  • System and product acceptance tests