Bussiness Innovation Management

Is your company’s approach to innovation highly developed and successful, with little need for improvement?

If not, this is something you share with most other companies. Working with innovation and business development quite simply sets high demands on both the management and the other parts of an organization, and it is a job that requires special skills and experience.

We call the first part of the innovation process Business Innovation Management. This includes everything from identifying a company’s various strengths, assets and opportunities. In this process, we use a set of models, methods and tools to ensure that the company’s development work is in line with its business in general.

This creates a clear plan for development and identifies responsibilities, important occasions, decision-making points and much more.

Be highly innovative

This is where Evolver comes in. Our staff has extensive experience in innovation and development from both small domestic companies and large international corporations. Our mission is to help companies move quickly from needing innovation to actually creating innovation. And our goal is to be the partner that is the fastest and most effective in developing a quality product/service, that is, offer the shortest TTP/TTM (time-to-product/time-to-market). We can be involved in the big picture or take responsibility for just a part of the process.

Openness to the unexpected

Many consulting companies that focus on innovation see in-depth analysis and comprehensive reports as their most important deliverables. Our view is that this work seldom results in better or more reliable innovation. On the contrary, it often drains energy and finances from the project.

Our approach is to minimize administration and maximize outcome in terms of innovation and prototypes. We have a great openness to the unexpected, which we for example find in the category, Changing the Game.

Thanks to our action-focused approach, investments become less extensive in terms of finances and time. As a result, it is simply easier to make investment decisions.

Opportunities in the fast changing world

The fast change in technology, shifts in industry borders and globalization, creates opportunities for highly innovative companies to develop new business models and leading edge products. When the market change to embrace new products and business models this create huge opportunities that can make the fortunes of some companies and threaten the market positions of others.

Let Evolver help you be highly innovative and achieve better results!

Changing the Game
Business Innovation Management is the starting point for Innovation, development of leading-edge products and services, and new business models. Your organization must be highly innovative to strengthen your competitiveness and market position in the global marketplace. Evolver can assist you achieving tomorrows demand for increased revenues and profits.