Mobile Applications

Do you have an idea for a standalone mobile app?
Do you want to reach your customers in a new way by enabling them to buy and interact with your services or products via mobile?
Do you want to increase productivity within your company by empowering field workers while also gaining valuable insights?

If you can answer yes to either of the above three questions, Evolver can help you develop the mobile app that will cater to the needs of your end-users - be it a new market of consumers, existing customers, or your own employees.

We deliver mobile applications that are high end in both function and form. Beautiful apps that are easily navigable is our specialty.

Google Design Sprint

To understand the end user needs, we use the Google Design Sprint methodology, which allows us to explore and validate new ideas in collaboration with the client, while keeping costs to a minimum.


Our team develops native iOS and Android apps because we want to give end users the best app experience on both platforms. We have a deep understanding of the strengths and limitations of iOS and Android and are experts on both.

Today, most mobile apps are dependent on backend systems. We make the apps integrate seamlessly with a broad list of web services and APIs.

When our clients’ apps need to communicate with Bluetooth enabled devices, we have the knowledge and know-how to make a successful symbiosis between phone and Bluetooth-device.


When the development of the product is finished, Evolver can also assist with publishing apps through App Store and Google Play.

App Analytics

Finally, after deployment of the app, we always encourage our clients to integrate app analytics so we can analyze usage of the app and make the user experience even better in future iterations.

Consumer and Enterprise Mobile Apps
Consumer apps are applications that are either the product itself or makes your existing products or services more accessible to the end-user through their mobile phone. By definition, consumer apps are all the ones you can find in the App Store and Google Play Store.
Enterprise apps, on the other hand, face inward within the company, with the objective being increasing the productivity of field workers and overall productivity within the company. Additionally, implementing enterprise applications into the corporate workflow will enable valuable real-time business insights through digitalized processes.
Enterprise apps will often function as a part of a larger corporate system and contain sensitive data. Therefore, they are distributed internally in the company rather than on App Store and Google Play Store.
Whether the mobile app is the product in and of itself, is an extension of your existing services, or is a tool to optimize processes within your corporation, Evolver is here to help.