Project Delivery

The final part of the innovation process includes all of the elements necessary for launching the product or service. The goal of this work is to create a turnkey solution where the client holds the keys to quickly initiate production or to prepare to deploy the service.

When this part of the process begins, one or more prototypes have already been evaluated and it is time to produce a final product and prepare for its production and launch.

This phase normally includes the following processes: Market Analysis – Requirements Specification – Planning – Design – Development – Implementation.

Specific technologies or complete systems

We work closely with the client’s development team to complete the project. Evolver can develop specific technologies and systems where unique expertise is required. We also develop complete systems and products under agreed and approved specifications.

Marketing, Sales and Distribution

Parallel to this, Evolver can also assist with marketing, sales and distribution. We have extensive experience in product and service launches in the Nordic region as well as internationally.

Some questions that we can address include, for example:
• How will the product be priced?
• How will we stand out against our competitors?
• How can we market ourselves most effectively?
• Which markets are ready for our products or services?

Ready for growth
The success of your business depends both on the development of quality products and services, well prepared product launch, distinct product positioning and the right market strategies but as important on your organization’s ability to execute. Evolver can not only assist you with project delivery, new business models and market strategies but also as advisors to your sales and marketing organization, making sure you create results.