We move quickly to the prototype phase through practical experience built on many development projects. We examine competitors, scan closely-related sectors and products and survey the outside world to see what already exists and does not need to be invented again. We look for key differences and then develop to create solutions that effect change, stand out and make a difference.

Idea framing and Business evaluation

In this process, we work closely with the client to take advantage of the in-depth market understanding and technical expertise that exist internally. Idea framing and business evaluation are presented to the management for approval, before prototypes of parts and complete products or services are developed.

Proof of concept

Developing prototypes for physical products or services is a critical part of this process. Often, this is about developing a number of prototypes at the same time to test the differences that are important and decisive. Thanks to our use of prototypes, we are able to facilitate and expedite the evaluation process and proof of concept.

Developing prototypes can be carried out in close cooperation with the client or independently by Evolver, based on what is best for the project or the wishes of the client.

Accelerate Time to Market

We focus on prototyping to achieve our goal to be the partner that is the fastest and most effective in developing the shortest TTP/TTM (time-to-product/time-to-market). Other positive effects of this approach are that clients can avoid long-term contracts, and development can be carried out in a more cost effective way.


Prototyping towards leading edge products and services
When you are on new grounds with inventions and leading edge products and services we use fast prototyping to get proof of concept. In close cooperation with your organization we use in-depth market analysis and business perspectives to bring forward new ideas. The good ones are selected for Idea framing and Business evaluation before being presented to your management for approval. Then we start development of prototypes to get proof of concept.