User Experience Design

UX-design has become a widely used buzzword, and everybody will agree that a good user experience is critical for a successful product. But in order to create excellent user experiences, either from the ground up or by revising an existing product, one has to be able to define what good UX-design actually is.

UX vs UI

UX and UI are often mistakenly used interchangeably to describe software products, while in actuality “UI” should only be used to describe the visual parts, while “UX” encapsulates all parts of the product - both visual and non-visual.

Creating a Next Level User Experience

UX-design as a process is the study of users and their particular contexts in order to design tools so that users can perform tasks to achieve their goals.

At Evolver we help our clients develop awesome user experiences, both by analyzing and improving existing solutions and by creating new ones. There is a plethora of tools and methods we use to design next level user experiences, with some important ones being:

  • Personas and use cases
  • User flows
  • Low-res wireframing
  • User research

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Even when using the correct tools, there are still many things to consider and biases to avoid while UX-designing:

  • Dividing Responsibility - as UX can be defined as how all parts of a product come together, it is the responsibility of everyone on the team
  • Avoiding Local Optimization - developers and designers will often have a tendency to focus too much on one solution, before considering if other solutions could have been better
  • Preference and Approach Bias - a common mistake for designers and developers is to make products that suit their own needs, rather than those of the end-user

Falling victim to one of these mistakes can be the cause of major missed opportunities, while also being very costly. Evolver can assist you in getting it right the first time!

Designing for the end-user
When boiled down to its core, UX-design is all about identifying the end-user and developing a product for their exact needs. This takes some practice to do well, which we have acquired through years of experience at Evolver. Whether you want to optimize your existing product, or build something from scratch, Evolver is your partner in creating experiences that will have your users say "wow!"